The safest way to tan your skin at home

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Tanning helps to improve the overall look. Everyone feels to look so attractive and it is possible with tanning. You can consider the natural tanning method like lying under the sun for maximum hours and even some spend a lot of money on tanning beds. But these methods are harmful as radiation from the sun can cause serious side effects even it leads to cancer. Finding the safest way to tan your skin is essential. Using melanotan 2 starter kitis the best and safest way that allows you to tan skin at home perfectly. By using this method, you could avoid all such harmful effects and possibly get the desired tan without spending much money.

Use the kit correctly:

Melanotan is the most reliable choice to get tanned at home easily. However, you need to consider using the melanotan 2 starter kit correctly. If you don’t know how to use it, or taking the wrong dosage can lead to complications.

First of all, you need to understand your skin type and tone of color. You should analyze whether it is fair, medium, or brown skin. Depending on the tone of your skin, you have to consider using the dosage. For brown skin, less amount of dosage is enough to get tanned.

If you have a fair skin type, then you have to take an increased dosage. However, if you are a beginner then start with a low dosage to see how it reacts with your body. If you find no side effects, then you can start using it regularly and increase the dosage levels gradually.

You need to inject it on the upper layer of the skin. For effective results, you need to use it daily or alternate days. If you have any other health condition, then you can consult with the doctor before using it.