Embrace Urban Elegance: Faux Concrete Surfaces Ideas

The lofted bed adds an innovative design element to rooms while increasing the airflow and natural lighting. The loft also creates an inviting space for relaxing or collaborating, increasing the room’s functionality.

Textured concrete is a great way to enhance the appearance of exposed bricks or protrusions from structural elements. It is possible to sandblast or chemically treat surfaces to expose aggregate and create intriguing textures on the surface.

Faux Concrete Surfaces

Concrete, brick and steel surfaces offer stylish backdrops for loft-style rooms. If you want a more durable option opt for ceramic tiles which looks like concrete or an aged metal look to match the natural elements of the look.

Loft-style bedroom designs often feature high ceilings and canopy beds for emphasis on their verticality. This loft-style room that can be used for multiple purposes within an old Paris roof apartment by Leymarie Gourdon architects features a loft bed that is completely hidden in the eaves by constructing the wall that is beautifully incorporated with constructed shelving.

You could consider applying fake concrete such as that of Homepolish’s Tali Roth in her living space if you desire the look and feel of concrete but aren’t ready to commit. Tali Roth claims that the particular finish offered by iFaux is completely waterproof and appears so similar to genuine concrete “that only an expert would be able to tell the distinct difference.” The price is about $18 for each square foot, which includes the cost of application by i-Faux professional.

Industrial Chic Bedroom Design

Industrial chic is an incredibly versatile bedroom style that is able to blend with various other styles. It’s also a good method to create a space appear more sophisticated or traditional without a lot of contrast aspects.

Metal texture is typically a key element of the design of a bedroom as well as there are plenty options for incorporating it in your home. The best way to achieve an industrial vibe by incorporating metal into your son venetian plaster wall décor or furniture.

Concrete flooring is a typical element of industrial loft design however, they can also be employed in various methods. It is possible to, for instance make a statement concrete wall, or incorporate it into your wood wardrobe. This design for bedrooms is great to use concrete furniture since it gives your room a distinct look and feels.

Reclaimed wood is another great alternative to modern bedroom designs. It’s a sustainable wood that gives an element of character and warm to the room. It is suitable for furniture such as the dresser or closet, or accent walls in the bedroom.

Complete Elements for Loft Bedrooms

Elevated beds can be a vital feature of any loft design. They reduce space and can be positioned anywhere. The options range from loft beds freestanding with the option of a ladder that allows entry into mezzanines which can be reached via staircases designed for adults. This idea for a bedroom that is space efficient is perfect for teen rooms and studio apartments that are geared towards young adults.

If creating a complete wall will make your attic feel boxed in, try a hip height partition that divides the loft without making it too claustrophobic. Curtains can be used instead of walls to create or eliminate your privacy.

For those with a love for all things atypical and eclectic, you should embrace the bold design of bohemian loft. Think mismatched patchwork textiles with a variety of vivid colours for an attractive attic space that’s unique for you. It is also possible to choose neutral shades to create a modern touch. This style is great for blending in family photos or trinkets collected from your travels, as well as some other personal things.

Contemporary Loft Bedroom Lighting

Modern loft lighting emphasizes basic elements, and is reminiscent of a converted warehouse space. For creating a focal point for your loft area, opt for large industrial pendant lights. These slick industrial-themed fixtures also work well in kitchens, giving a chic look into the design of the space.

Small spaces that have limited space, you can consider the mezzanine and loft bedroom. The elevated rooms are accessible by stairs or ladders. They give you the ability to slot in a workspace and storage area, or another furniture. As an example, this Stockholm studio design by Fantastic Frank uses a loft bed carved into the eaves to create the appearance of a second bedroom, above the kitchenette, which is also a living room.

Natural and wood-like materials is the best way create texture in the minimalist loft. A simple laundry basket will add an element of naturalness without causing a clash with white walls. Also, you can provide your loft bedroom with an edgier look by placing artwork against the wall, and letting paint chips or other details somewhat messier.

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